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Course Dates 2017

Health Learning Source – 2017

Breast Ultrasound

March 16-18
May 18-20
July 14-16
Sept 15-17
Nov 3-5

Film Screen QC

Feb 20
April 17
July 17
Sept 18
Nov 6

Initial Training &
Mammography Board Review 3 Day

Feb 21-23
April 18-20
July 18-20
Sept 19-21
Nov 7-9

Initial Training &
Review For Digital Mammography

Feb 24
April 21
July 21
Sept 22
Nov 10

Initial Training & Review For DBT

Feb 25
April 22
July 22
Sept 23
Nov 11

Initial Training And Mammography Board Review including Initial Training and Review for Digital Mammography course (below pricing includes both classes)

Single Tech $778.00
Multi -Tech $749.00 each Tech.

Initial Training And Review For Digital Mammography 9.5 CEU course

Single Tech $159.00
Multi -Tech $139.00 each Tech.

Initial Training And Review For DBT Digital Breast Tomosynthesis 9.5 CEU course

Single Tech $159.00
Multi -Tech $139.00 each Tech.

IT&MR & IT&R for DM (9.5 CEU) & IT&R for DBT (9.5 CEU)

Single Tech $907.00 ($778 + $129)
Multi-Tech $878.00 each Tech ($749 + $129)

Quality Control for Film Screen 9.5 CEU

Single Tech $159.00
Multi -Tech $139.00 each Tech.
If attending IT&MR & IT&R for DM $129

Pick and choose what you need for all current modalities of Film/Screen – Digital – Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Mammography. For those who are attending the Initial Training And Mammography Review Class stay an extra day or two and complete all your classroom training!
All courses are approved by the ASRT for Category “A” CEU and meets in all or inpart, if attendance is less than 16 hours, the new ARRT requirement of 16 hours of structured education requirement to apply to sit for an ARRT advanced board.
ARRT approved course to meet the structured education requirement, details available on the ARRT website. 

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