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I really enjoyed the class. Very informative especially regarding MQSA, QA, QC, and ACR. I’m leaving this week excited to start my career in Mammography. In my career if I could gain 10% of Linda’s knowledge, I know I will succeed. Linda, you are a Mammo Rad Star! (Mammography) Mary Hannah Barnes
Prospect, TN
Very informative course. I’ve enjoyed my entire week here, it’s been great. Thank you so much for giving me the information I need to be a knowledgeable, passionate Mammographer. I appreciate you allowing me to learn correctly and by today’s standards. THANK YOU! I would recommend this class to ANYONE. (Mammography) Baileigh Webb
Jasper, IN
I cannot say enough good about this entire course. I wish every Mammographer could experience it. I truly believe it would elevate our profession! (Mammography) Amanda Zulkoski
Broken Bow, NE
Everyone was very knowledgeable and passionate about the information they gave. This is a great course for any Technologist. (Mammography) Heather Mohler
Oklahoma City, OK
Very informative course. I really feel this is preparing me to sit for my ARRT boards. (Mammography) Tracy Simmons
Bowling Green, KY
As a new Technologist I feel like I received a lot of great information, even information to share with experienced Techs. I now possess the tools needed to be a great Mammo Tech. (Mammography) April Young
Jefferson City, MO
A wonderful training course for new and seasoned Techs that I would recommend to everyone interested in Mammography. (Mammography) Kendra J. Scott
Toccoa, GA
As a Director, I never realized all the responsibilities my Lead Mammographer has. She's always done great with inspections but has gained my full respect for a hard job done well. (Mammography) Bonnie Lancaster
Selma, TN
This is a wonderful course! I have been doing mammograms for about seven years. I thought this course would be a good review for taking my board but I learned so much information that I didn't know. Thank you all so much! (Mammography) Jennifer Douglas
Paris, TN
Excellent Seminar! (Breast Ultrasound) Summer Hutchins
Chattanooga, Tennessee ( R.T, R, M)
Very organized and informative! Lots of clinical info! I feel more confident. I Really enjoyed it as well! (Breast Ultrasound) Hope Bosworth
Birmingham Alabama (R.T, R, M)
This class was very informative and Helpful. It was very well presented and easy to follow. I am confident in the information and this course! (Breast Ultrasound) Amanda Long
Columbia, Tennessee (R.T, R,M)
So glad I decided to take this class! Very well presented and great slides, and great communication. Having to practice on a " Live" model was very helpful. (Breast Ultrasound) Denise Forsthye
Nashville, Tennessee (R.T, R, M)
For being Initial Training I feel that’s exactly what I received. Having known nothing about Mammography before coming to this class I definitely feel as though I am leaving with knowledge of the field. Linda has the heart of a teacher. Her experiences in the field are helpful for up and coming Mammographers. Thank you! (Mammography) Aimee J. Slaick
Thompson Station, TN
Great Mammography class into Mammo. I definitely feel more comfortable now going back and working with patients! It was great learning from someone with so much experience. I can definitely tell Mammography is your passion and you can tell that within your teaching. (Mammography) Anna Holland
Hendersonville, TN

Health Learning Source is your place for both your Mammography and Breast Ultrasound training. Several Technologists attend both of these sessions with Health Learning Source. At this time we would like to congratulate the following attendees::

Robin Allman R.T., R., M., BS.

Robin took our Mammography training many years ago and after building her Mammography career, she decided to add Breast Ultrasound to her resume’ came back to Health Learning Source for her Breast Ultrasound training and passed her ARRT BS board with flying colors!

Marki Lewis, R.T., R., M., BS.

Marki started her Mammography career just a few short years ago. After attending our Mammography training course, Marki passed her M board with flying colors! Not wanting to waste any time, Marki wanted to increase her knowledge and add Breast Ultrasound to her resume’ and she returned to Health Learning Source to attend our Initial Training And Board Review For Breast Ultrasound course. Needless to say, Marki passed her ARRT BS. Board with flying colors!

WE are so proud of all of our attendees and we will continue to celebrate them as time goes along!

Health Learning Source has been helping Mammographers build their career since 1998!

We’re so proud that now we are helping more Technologists build their careers not only in Mammography but also inBreast Ultrasound And CT Computed Tomography

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