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Scholarships Available

Breast Imaging Scholarships Available

Bosom Buddies of Nashville is proud to offer the Patricia Tepper Scholarship to a radiologic technologist in support of her interest in breast imaging, and who desires to develop professionally to better serve the women in their community.

Up to $400 will be applied towards the program cost of the mammography or breast sonography education at Health Learning Source. To apply, please submit an essay to describing your work experience as well as your passion and talent for breast imaging to bbnash.pts@yahoo.com. Submissions are due by December 31, 2019 for the January course at HLS. The winner will be contacted by email, and the award will be paid directly to Health Learning Source.



Dr. Patricia Tepper

Dr Tepper received her BA in psychology from the University of Michigan and medical degree from Vanderbilt University Medical School. She completed a residency in diagnostic radiology and a fellowship in body CT and ultrasound at the University of Michigan. Dr Tepper’s special areas of expertise were mammography and breast MRI. She served as the medical director of the Tristar Centennial Women’s Health & Imaging Center until her retirement in 2019, and was instrumental in bringing breast tomosynthesis to Middle Tennessee. Her high standards for exceptional image quality influenced the technologists she worked alongside, and together, they were committed to the early detection of breast cancer.

Health Learning Source is your place for both your Mammography and Breast Ultrasound training. Several Technologists attend both of these sessions with Health Learning Source. At this time we would like to congratulate the following attendees::

Robin Allman R.T., R., M., BS.

Robin took our Mammography training many years ago and after building her Mammography career, she decided to add Breast Ultrasound to her resume’ came back to Health Learning Source for her Breast Ultrasound training and passed her ARRT BS board with flying colors!

Marki Lewis, R.T., R., M., BS.

Marki started her Mammography career just a few short years ago. After attending our Mammography training course, Marki passed her M board with flying colors! Not wanting to waste any time, Marki wanted to increase her knowledge and add Breast Ultrasound to her resume’ and she returned to Health Learning Source to attend our Initial Training And Board Review For Breast Ultrasound course. Needless to say, Marki passed her ARRT BS. Board with flying colors!

WE are so proud of all of our attendees and we will continue to celebrate them as time goes along!

Health Learning Source has been helping Mammographers build their career since 1998!

We’re so proud that now we are helping more Technologists build their careers not only in Mammography but also inBreast Ultrasound And CT Computed Tomography

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